Snake Rocks Preserve

Snake Rocks Preserve

Nordic Drive, (off Yerry Hill Road)  Woodstock, NY




Snake Rocks Preserve is one of WLC's public preserves.  This 35.54 acre property is located in a rural part of Woodstock, NY near Ohayo Mountain.

The property was donated to WLC by Mr. Richard Strain and Ms. Eva Van Rijn in 2004. 

This heavily forested parcel contains dramatic rock formations and the remains of a large bluestone quarry. 

There is no parking at the Preserve.

Parking is located on Yerry Hill Road - see map Snake_Rocks_Access_Map.jpg

Follow the trail that takes you through the 19th century quarry and quarry pond and scenic vistas.  There are several points at the top of the rock piles which afford spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

As Richard Heppner, Woodstock town historian describes, "The quarries in this area were worked mainly by Irish immigrants, many of whom migrated towards the stone cutting and quarrying industry after leaving Ireland in the wake of economic and human devastation created by the famine there."  In the mid 1800's, quarrying bluestone grew as a result of the expansion of cities such at New York and Albany.  Around the turn of the 20th century bluestone was replaced by a new technology - portland cement - which was cheaper and easier to use.

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Sweeping views from Snake Rocks Preserve.