The Catskill Center's Thorn Preserve


The Catskill Center's Thorn Preserve  is comprised of 60 beautiful acres located at 55 John Joy Road in Woodstock.

The preserve boasts the most painted views of Overlook Mountain.  Sweeping grassland habitat for birds, butterflies and pollinators, riparian forest, wetland and ponds make this spot a profoundly relaxing and peaceful area.  Mowed walking paths are easily accesible from John Joy Road. 

The Thorn Preserve will remain an undeveloped landscape, which will allow us to offer nature based education, sustainable agriculture, model stream management and possibly an ideal artists' retreat.  

 Owned by the  Catskill Center for Conservation, Thorn Preserve is operated in partnership with Catskill Center and WLC.

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Stop by and take a walk along the path through the grassland habitat.   map

 thorn path

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