Land Sale

In certain cases, and often with partner organizations and agencies, WLC purchases land that has particular environmental, historic, or scenic importance or is threatened by inappropriate development. Although WLC may purchase land at its market value, sometimes a landowner decides to sell property to WLC at a reduced price.

Trees with Stone WallSuch a “bargain sale” provides the seller with cash and can generate a charitable contribution based on the difference between market value and the bargain sale price. It can also reduce the capital gains tax burden that would accrue if the land were sold on the open market.

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Note: WLC welcomes the opportunity to discuss conservation options with you and maintains confidentiality. However, because of the complexity and specificity of each land protection option and the changing nature of related tax regulations, it is important that you consult with your own legal, tax, and appraisal advisors when deciding how best to protect your land.